Our Team

Our Team

Hristijan Mujoski

SSI Open Water Instructor

Ismet Bijedic

SSI Dive Guide

Jovan Sekuloski

SSI As. Instructor Trainer

Mario Perduloski

SSI Dive Guide

Milutin Sekuloski

SSI Instructor Trainer

Clients About Us

Modern, professional diving centre with almost new equipment and great facilities. Our relaxed divemaster took us for a relaxing dive in the crysal clear water on this very special archeological site.

Vincent van Leijden

The Netherlands

Today, my girlfriend and I dove for the very first time. My girlfriend was very ancious and stressed, but Jovan did a very good job to calm her down with his calm instructions and relaxed attitude. He took all the time that was neccesary and did not rushed. The dive was very simple in undeep water, but good enough for our first time! Thumbs up to you guys!

Patrick Scherer

The Netherlands

Thanks to the caring and professional diver Jovan, I had an unforgettable intro dive experience in Lake Ohrid. There’s literally nothing to complain about, as a beginner, Jovan’s instructions is extremely helpful and clear, the sight underneath is gorgeous and amazing. A+ dude!!!

Yue Hanning