Daily try scuba and beginner dives are conducted at the Bay of the Bones during the whole working day. For certified divers we conduct dives on various locations across the lake according to the level of experience and certificates they hold. Whether it is one, two or couple of dives per day our team is ready to answer to your demands.


Snorkeling activities are conducted around the prehistoric settlement and around the rocky terrain near the dive center. Perfect opportunity to combine scuba dive with snorkeling activity or you can do two snorkeling tours. You will be provided with a mask, snorkel, fins or if you need extra protection you can always get a neoprene suit.


Beginners can choose a custom designed multiple day dive program on different diving locations. Certified divers have various types of dives to choose from such as deep dives, boat dives, archaeological dives, night dives, dives on walls or dives in springs. Choose 3 dives, 5 dives, 7 dives or 10 dives package and receive special discounts. For organised diving groups we have favorable offers on request.


We can offer all of our tours as private tours with a personal guide only for you. Tours can be custom-made and tailored to the conditions and needs of the diver. Some people like to avoid groups of divers and want to dive only with a guide, maybe you need time to take the perfect photograph or perhaps you need a setup for a romantic occasion for a proposal, birthday or other special occasion. Our team is happy to accomodate you and make those moments memorable.